Our Suppliers

Committed to Local Artisans

At Bourbon & Bluffs , we take pride in curating a collection that showcases the skills of local artists and artisans, choosing to work with independent craftsmen who pour their passion into each creation

Why choose local?

We exclusively partner with local artisans to curate meticulously handcrafted pieces that preserve time-honored traditions and emphasize durability with premium materials. Our commitment is to quality and authenticity.

The human touch.

We take pride in meticulous craftsmanship that showcases dedication and expertise. Each creation carries personal touches from the artisans, making it more than just an item but a piece of their journey.

Help preserve artistry.

When you choose Bourbon & Bluffs, you join a movement that values heritage, talent, and authenticity while also sustaining artisans' livelihoods and nurturing creativity. Your support goes beyond purchasing products; it upholds the sanctity of craftsmanship.

Discover our collection

Explore our carefully curated collections to add handmade artistry to your life, connecting with the artisans behind each piece. Join us in celebrating local craftsmanship and transforming retail into a platform that values local US-based artisans.