Cocktail Smoker - Butane Torch


Introducing our premium Cocktail Smoker Butane Torch – the essential tool for elevating your mixology game and crafting the perfect smoked cocktail experience. Designed for enthusiasts and professionals alike, this high-quality torch is the key to unlocking a world of flavor and sophistication in your drinks. Whether you're using it in tandem with one of our incredible bourbon smokers or experimenting with your own signature concoctions, our torch guarantees precision and reliability. With its adjustable flame intensity and ergonomic design, you'll have complete control over the smoking process, infusing your cocktails with rich, smoky notes that will tantalize the taste buds of your guests. Elevate your bartending skills and create unforgettable moments with this must-have tool for every cocktail enthusiast.


Product Description:

  • Our torch blows out a beautiful strong flame that makes it easy to use with any of our other Bourbon Cocktail Smokers.
  • This product is the butane torch only, but because of shipping rules and regulations, we cannot ship butane, so butane is not included.  
  • We recommend using Zippo Brand butane, which is widely available. Please follow standard butane filling instructions.
  • Do not use any other kind of fuel to fill this torch.


*NOTE:  We offer 2 models of butane torch, both which can be seen in the images. The torch you receive may be one or the other models picture, depending on our current supply and speed to ship. We promise to make sure whatever torch design you receive will be of the same quality and function that you would expect.


Order Processing Time:

Please allow 2-5 days for processing your order before it is shipped. This processing time should be added to any provided shipping estimates.

About our artisans:

This product is individually crafted by artisans and makers in the heart of New York. They take pride in every product and creation that we present to you on Bourbon and Bluffs.

Shipping Information

We presently do not ship to Hawaii, Alaska or beyond the lower 48 US states, but we are working on it, sorry.

Since we work with independent crafts people across the US who build many of our products individually by hand once the order is received, our order processing times may vary, as mentioned above. After your order is processed or built, standard shipping times will then apply.

If your order includes multiple products from different suppliers, your products may be shipped in different packages from those individual suppliers. We will let you know when each item ships and will do our best to provide a shipping tracking number for each item, when available.

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