Cowboy Spike - Vertical BBQ Skewer


The Cowboy Spike offers you the opportunity to diversify your grilling experience beyond the conventional horizontal method. Experiment with crafting Al Pastor tacos, Shawarma, Gyros, Churrasco steak, or even roasting whole chickens. Its vertical grilling orientation allows the natural juices to cascade downward as it cooks, resulting in a delectable grilling technique. Try layering bacon on top and in between the layers of the meat for a fantastic result.


Product Details:

  • Made in the USA.
  • Base and Spikes are made of welded stainless steel.
  • Base: 1/8" thick and 6.5" in diameter.
  • Base Weight: Over 20 oz.



  • The robust construction ensures durability that will endure for years.
  • The square-threaded vertical skewer securely screws down to the base plate, delivering stability during cooking, carving, and when relocating the loaded spike.
  • What sets our product apart is the threaded spike, distinguishing it from similar vertical spike options.
  • With OURS, you can use pliers to adjust or rotate the entire loaded spike while cooking, or safely handle it when it's hot by gripping the spike itself.
  • In contrast, OTHERS employ a loose, round spike, requiring placement in a pan or other container for hot adjustments, and risking accidental removal that could lead to a mess.
  • The threaded section of the base plate features a through hole, preventing the accumulation of debris over time.
  • Cleaning the Cowboy Spike is a breeze, as it is dishwasher safe.
  • For convenient kitchen storage, simply unscrew the spike from the base, allowing them to fit neatly in a drawer.

Spike & Grill Measurement:

  • PLEASE measure your grill/height before ordering.
  • The 7.5" spike fits under the lid of 22” Weber Kettle, Trager, Pit Boss or other pellet grills.
  • The 10" spike can be used on larger grills. It fits on a large Big Green Egg centered with the grate on low. Or use on your Weber or other BBQs by removing the BBQ grate and use the bottom grate and burn wood for a unique fire grilled meal.


  • When you order both 7.5" and 10" spikes, a single base plate is sent since the spikes are interchangeable on the base plate.
  • The logo is laser etched on the base plate, so there is no ink/print to come off on your food.


Order Processing Time:

Please allow up to 5 business days for processing your order before it is shipped. This processing time should be added to any provided shipping estimates.

About our artisans:

This product is individually crafted by artisans and makers in the heart of California. They take pride in every product and creation that we present to you on Bourbon and Bluffs.

Shipping Information

We presently do not ship to Hawaii, Alaska or beyond the lower 48 US states, but we are working on it, sorry.

Since we work with independent crafts people across the US who build many of our products individually by hand once the order is received, our order processing times may vary, as mentioned above. After your order is processed or built, standard shipping times will then apply.

If your order includes multiple products from different suppliers, your products may be shipped in different packages from those individual suppliers. We will let you know when each item ships and will do our best to provide a shipping tracking number for each item, when available.

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