Game of Thrones 'Westeros' - 3D Wood Map


Introducing our meticulously handcrafted 3D wooden map of the sprawling Game of Thrones Westeros—an homage to the epic fantasy world. Crafted with precision from premium wood, this intricately detailed masterpiece faithfully recreates the fictional continent, featuring its iconic locations, intricate geography, and notable landmarks like King's Landing and Winterfell. Engraved with historical events and iconic sigils, it stands as a captivating tribute to the rich lore of Westeros. Perfect for display in homes or offices, this wooden map captures the essence of the Game of Thrones realm, evoking a sense of wonder and reverence for its timeless significance in the world of fantasy literature and television.



  • Width: 12.5 inches
  • Height: 15.5 inches
  • Depth: 1.5 inches


Product Features

  • Experience the complexity of a 5-layer representation of one of the world's most iconic racing tracks.
  • Our artisans meticulously employ various wood types, selected for their ability to infuse both contrast and warmth into this exquisite piece.
  • The top layer, crafted from mahogany, features engraved detailing for the title, adding a touch of elegance.
  • The course itself is marked with a sleek racing stripe, creating a striking contrast with the background layers, while providing a three-dimensional effect.
  • Raised streets and service roads are expertly cut from a neutral draft board, ensuring a harmonious blend within the composition.
  • The lowermost layer showcases meticulous engravings of paths, structures, grandstands, water features, and other intricate elements, completing this stunning depiction.


  • The map layers are elegantly presented within a high-quality black frame, providing a polished finishing touch.
  • To preserve the wood's natural beauty, each layer is thoughtfully coated with stain, varnish, or oil, offering protection while enhancing the wood's luster.
  • Our dedicated artisans meticulously assemble every map by hand, ensuring that each piece is distinctly unique, owing to the inherent variations in wood grain and finishes.
  • The maps featured in the images serve as samples; rest assured, each map is meticulously crafted upon receiving your order, guaranteeing a personalized touch to every creation.



  • Picture/frame hanger is included, but not installed. Installation process is very simple.
  • All data used in the creation of this map is provided by: © OpenStreetMap Contributors
  • All data is available under Open Database License


Order Processing Time:

Please allow 1-2 weeks for order processing/construction before your item is shipped. Each item is individually handmade, and construction begins when your order is received.

About our artisans:

This product is individually crafted by artisans and makers in the heart of Wisconsin. They take pride in every product and creation that we present to you on Bourbon and Bluffs.

Shipping Information

We presently do not ship to Hawaii, Alaska or beyond the lower 48 US states, but we are working on it, sorry.

Since we work with independent crafts people across the US who build many of our products individually by hand once the order is received, our order processing times may vary, as mentioned above. After your order is processed or built, standard shipping times will then apply.

If your order includes multiple products from different suppliers, your products may be shipped in different packages from those individual suppliers. We will let you know when each item ships and will do our best to provide a shipping tracking number for each item, when available.

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