Tom Drum Floor Light


Introducing our Upcycled Tom Drum Floor Light, a harmonious fusion of musical nostalgia and modern design. This unique floor light is skillfully crafted from an authentic tom drum, lovingly preserving its musical history while reimagining it as a functional masterpiece. Mounted to a high-hat cymbal stand, it effortlessly captures the essence of the drummer's rhythm. With a built-in multi-color LED, it transforms any space into a dynamic canvas, allowing you to set the perfect mood and scene. Illuminate your space with artistry, redefining the ambiance with this exceptional floor light that represents your love of drumming and music.


Product Details:

  • Upcycled tom drum mounted to high-hat cymbal stand.
  • Materials: Maple wood, vinyl, LED, and chrome
  • Width: 1.75 feet
  • Height: 4 feet
  • Color: Raven Black


Product Description:

  • This unique tom drum has been affixed to a Hi-Hat cymbal stand.
  • Crafted from wood and encased in robust Raven Black vinyl, it is adorned with shiny chrome lugs, tuning rods, and rims.
  • At the drum's upper end, you'll find a transparent drum head, while the drum's underside remains open, offering effortless access to the easily replaceable lightbulb nestled within.
  • The Hi-Hat stand boasts a polished chrome tripod design, featuring substantial rubber feet that secure the light to the floor.
  • While the foot pedal is non-operational, it contributes to the drum's authenticity and serves to anchor the drum firmly in place.
  • Last but not least, the Rockstar LED lightbulb boasts a palette of 9 distinctive colors to choose from, including white strobe, dimmable white light, color fade, timer, on/off controls, and a 4-foot wall plug.
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